Custom Sawing

If you have logs that you have laying around from a storm or have a timber that you would like to turn some of those valuable trees into lumber, I'm here to help make that possible. Either you can bring your logs to my place or I will bring my portable Woodmizer LT 35 hydraulic to you.

Highlights of having your own lumber sawn:

- Quality lumber at a fraction of the price in a retail supply

- We can cut any size you desire, up to 32"+ diameter and up to 21' long log

- Being able to know where the boards came from, adds to the final product story

- Knowing that your trees will be utilized for many years to come

How do I know if a log is worth sawing?

- Anything over 8" diameter and is straight, has lumber value

- I CAN NOT cut straight lumber out of a small crooked log

- If the ends of the logs are solid, it should contain quality lumber within

- Just because a log has a curve, doesn't mean we can't get good lumber out of it

- I can saw up to 32" + diameter and 21' Long

Using the chart to the left, you can figure how many board feet are in your logs. I use the International 1/4" Scale because it seems to be the closest to actual board foot of lumber you will get from your logs.

Pricing for Custom Sawing: (If sawing at your place)

- Mileage is $1.50 per mile from my place to yours.

- Setup fee of $25 will be added

- $0.30 per board feet

- If help is need, I can supply a helper for $15/hr

- 1 person will be expected to help load logs and off load lumber

Pricing for Custom Sawing: (If you bring logs to my place)

- $0.30 per board foot

- If you need lumber stacked and stickered, will be charged accordingly